Kaylee Costello


Kaylee personifies positivity and good energy. She approaches all aspects of life with a smile. Originally from Amherst, MA, Kaylee found herself residing in NYC after graduating high school a year early and living abroad in Mexico, Spain, England, and California. During her years abroad, Kaylee was exposed to various cultures, volunteered with distressed youth, and learned Spanish. She decided to move to New York after being accepted to the William Esper studio, an internationally recognized school of performing arts, for its teachings on the Stanford Meisner technique. Post graduation, she accepted a position at an on-site residential leasing office on Roosevelt Island. She jumped into NYC’s world of real estate with fresh eyes, an enthusiastic work ethic and unparalleled positivity. She appreciated each time someone found their perfect home and experienced joyous satisfaction in being the person to bring that to fruition.

In joining the team at Motion New York, Kaylee hopes to make the tedious process of apartment hunting more enjoyable. With her effortless optimistic view, accompanied by her knowledge of the real estate market, interactions with her will be something to look forward to. She works with full transparency, leading with an honest, open book feel to establish trust with her clients. With an eye for design and a phenomenal ability to perceive a person’s needs, she will work tirelessly until her clients find their dream home.