Shmuly Zaklikofsky


Being in client relations for over 10 years, Shmuly's primary focus is Trust, Honesty, Integrity and Service.

Shmuly launched his career in the wake of the recession in 2008 when family's were driven into foreclosure and needed financial assistance.
Shmuly was able to successfully execute many Home Loan Modifications and alleviated his clients' stress by assisting them with Credit Card Consolidation.

Shortly thereafter, Shmuly began working at B&H Photo on 34th St. in late 2009 where he was the top producer in his department's sales and quickly rose to becoming the Regional Account Executive in the Organizational Sales Division.
With Shmuly's fundamental values in business combined with the B&H world class Customer Service, Shmuly has a deep understanding of what it means and what it takes to achieve true customer satisfaction; by listening and understanding his customer's needs and doing whatever it takes, going above and beyond, to "make customers" not "make sales".

With these core principals, Shmuly has a vision and a strategy to accomplish the same in his Real Estate Career.
Wether its a Rental unit, residential sale property, commercial space or development site - Shmuly has 1 goal in mind: Happy Clients.
With this mind set, determination and constantly striving towards excellence, Shmuly will undoubtedly pave the way to become New York City's Top Agent.
THIS is the agent you need at your side!